Top 10 Free Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

As a small business owner, boosting your digital presence can be quite costly. However, there are plenty of resources that you can use without breaking the bank. And the good part is you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use any of these tools. 

Keep reading to find out the top 10 free marketing tools that we recommend for growing your small business.

1. WordPress

Web Design

The most important thing for a small business owner to have is a website. We’ve noticed that web design can be expensive for small business owners, especially in the beginning phase, so we usually recommend building websites on WordPress. There are two reasons for this- it’s easy to use and affordable. It’s no surprise that around 75,000,000 websites are currently being hosted by WordPress. Wordpress DigitBoost
WordPress has great functionality, lots of features and a supportive community. Plus it has so many free themes you can install and edit. Of course, you’d still need to pay for your domain and hosting, but creating your website and using the platform on WordPress is free.

2. Google Analytics


Okay, let’s say you’ve already created and setup your website. So what’s next? Before sharing your website link with potential leads, we recommend that you make sure that you or your web developer install Google Analytics on the backend of your website. Google AnalyticsThis free tool allows you to review whether or not your digital marketing efforts are actually driving traffic to your business. You can see what visitors are searching for on your website and retrieve information about the demographics and location of your visitors. When it comes to installation we can say that it is pretty easy. You can even achieve this by using a free plugin such as Monster Insights etc. (assuming your website is designed on WordPress).

3. Trello

Task Management

Now that you have your website and you can track website data, there are probably lots of other tasks for you to complete to fully market your business? If you are struggling to manage those tasks, we recommend using Trello to help you with organizing and accomplishing items on your to-do list. Trello logoTrello is user-friendly and a great app for team-level project management. You can manage all of your team’s communication, collaboration, files, and media all in this one app.  One significant feature on Trello allows you to create boards for each major task and break them down into smaller to-do lists. Once you’re done with each task, easily drag and drop completed tasks to the “done” section. Trello also gives you the ability to archive your data, so you can always access your old data in the future when you need them.


Content Marketing

By now you’ve created the tasks for yourself or team members on Trello. Easy peasy! Now you probably want to start writing a blog posts about your products or services. The problem is you aren’t exactly sure what content your audience wants to read. Buzzsumo logoIn this case you should probably check out Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo helps you find the content that performs well in search engines. You can use Buzzsumo’s content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your performance and identify influencers.

5. Grammarly


Sometimes you’ll brainstorm captivating content that your audience would love to read. But you might find that you struggle with grammar mistakes often. If you are a non-native speaker or have trouble with correct spelling and punctuation, we have good news for you. Grammarly logoWriting mistake-free content has never been easier. As you can suggest by the name, Grammarly is a free browser plugin that edits your grammar, spelling, word choice, and style. Just add it to whichever browser you use and boom! You’ll be on your way to perfect sentences in no time.

6. Canva

Graphic Design

Many small business owners don’t have the time or budget to find and hire a graphic designer. And that’s where this next tool comes in to save the day. Canva is an easy design platform that allows you to create a variety of graphics and promotion tools for your business. Canva circle logoCanva has templates for everything including, social media images, marketing brochures, flyers, business cards, presentations, web banners and much more. With Canva you can promote any product with a professionally designed template that can be customized within minutes.

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7. Unsplash


If you don’t have your own high quality images then you’ll more than likely have to use stock photos. Unsplash is the perfect place to find free pictures to utilize for your marketing needs. unsplash logoYou can quickly download the amazing content marketing pictures. The best part is that all of the images you see on Unsplash are free for commercial use and no attribution required (but credit for the creator is suggested)!

8. All Hashtag

Hashtag Generator

One of the most annoying and confusing parts of publishing on social media is to find relevant and useful hashtags. Hashtags help your posts to be found by your ideal clients on social media. AllhashtagBut you don’t have to spend your limited hours on tracking them down one-by-one. All Hashtag is an app that can help you find hundreds of relevant hashtags for any keyword in seconds. This tool lets you easily copy and export the hashtags for Instagram and Twitter. It will save you lots of precious time for sure.

9. Later App

Post Scheduling

Finally you are ready to publish your posts but you don’t have time to be online at at the most opportune hours of the day to post your content. This is especially tedious when you’re using multiple platforms. Later Social Media AppLater App is a social media management tool with a visual planner designed specifically for scheduling Instagram posts. It schedules up to 30 posts at a time per platform (50 for Twitter). The app is also great for Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. 

10. Mailchimp


Once you get the traffic flowing to your social media and website, you’ll want to start building an email list to send newsletters to. Mailchimp is a great tool to send out your content to the subscribers on your list. MailchimpMailchimp saves you time with its easy drag and drop feature and email templates. You can use the free version if you have less than 1000 contacts!

Grow Your Business With These Free Marketing Tools

Growing your business is much easier when you have the right resources and systems in place. We hope these free marketing tools will help to save you time and money. 

Use these on a daily basis to propel your business forward. There are lots of other tools to use but these ones will help to get your started. Do you have any recommendations for other small business owners? 

P.S. If you still feel lost, feel free to contact us. Our team knows how to boost your digits!